How to use opengl with QEMU

I’m trying to make a opengl VM on fedora. I know I have to make a custom version of qemu and then it will activate but from EVERYTHING I have seen online I can’t get it to enable spice and OpenGL. If any one is wondering what I’m trying to do see this. (1.4)

I’m just trying to make a gaming VM but windows 11 is broken in qemu right now so I can’t do the pass throw like I was hoping to so I can only do this with a better supported distro with proton. This is becoming increasingly difficult just to get paravirtualization working and I just blow my whole day trying to get it to work. I’m almost reddy to give up, unless someone here can help me. Plaese let me know if you have a good guide online that can guide me on how to use this.
Thank you in advance.

I am a bit confused on what you are doing.

Are you trying to use a VM running windows 11 as the OS on an F38 host?
Using that VM as a gaming system?

No but close. I’m not trying to run paravirtulizasion on A WINDOWS VM I’m trying to run is on ANY VM, windows, linux, Mac os, etc. From what I understand you have to build you own version of Qemu but I don’t have any resources that help very well to enable OpenGL and Spice.