Can't connect to some websites occasionally

Sometimes I get errors like this while using Fedora:

I can browse other sites without issue (like this one), but some others appear to be offline (like engadget in this case).

Thing is, they aren’t offilne, since I can use another pc, or my phone’s browser, to connect to those sites without issue.

This is the workaround I’ve come to use when this happens:

sudo systemctl disable --now systemd-resolved
sudo mv /etc/resolv.conf /etc/resolv.conf.bak
sudo systemctl enable --now systemd-resolved

Should I be looking somewhere else to fix this issue for good?

Check the output when the issue happens before using any workarounds:

resolvectl --no-pager status
resolvectl --no-pager query
resolvectl --no-pager query domain.that.fails

Thank you! I think this is enough to keep searching :slightly_smiling_face: gotta wait for the error to happen again now :sweat_smile: