DNS not resolving on Fedora Server 39

Hello everyone. I’m having a bit of an oddball issue. I have a homelab running Fedora 39 (Freshly installed a few days ago, was previously Rocky Linux 9). I haven’t been able to connect to my server all day, and when I got home I opened cockpit on my laptop and found out that for some reason the server can’t access any domain name. I tried looking online for a solution but the only thing I could find somewhat related to my issue was this general guide: How to Resolve "Temporary failure in name resolution" Issue, and neither of these solutions work. I’m not sure what could be the issue at the moment. I’m not sure if this helpful/related but I have it set in cockpit to update, install and reboot at 6am everyday. I also used this guide a couple days ago: Wireguard: Fedora server and Android client | Dave’s Brain which has some firewall xml files

Check the output:

resolvectl --no-pager status
resolvectl --no-pager query example.org
systemctl status systemd-resolved.service
readlink -f /etc/resolv.conf
nslookup example.org