Can't configure/run bottles in any way

i had a problem running a windows app after an update through bottles, which turned out to be a faulty build on the app’s side, but before that i thought it’s kind of expected and so i went on reinstalling the app bottle first and then bottles layer along with wine (even tried lutris in the middle, though with no luck).

what happens now with both dnf versions of bottles available and the flatpak version i can’t run anything in/with them. with repo version (2022.3.28 and 2022.7.14) it just runs a new bottle creation for a very long time with no apparent results and closes itself automatically. the flatpak version stucks on the welcoming screen where it says something like “a couple more things to do, hold on a sec” and runs it indefinitely.

back to my original issue - if i could just run bottles i would go to an older build of the application. so what do i do now? maybe some more thorough uninstall process is needed to clear everything up before installing anew?