Cannot fork & edit incorrect spec fileo n src.fedora

Following up from @ankursinha’s response at johan/fedora-rpms, I wonder how to specifically fork & edit a spec file.

I currently want to offer a correction to but I only get an

Fatal Error (500)

A fatal error has occurred, we're sorry :(

This is the documentation on making PRs to packages if you’re not a package maintainer:

They should work, but please let us know if they don’t.


Thanks a lot, I understand I should fork the project on pagure to begin with. But I cannot find gwenhywfar as a project there via browsing.

[Edit 18 Dec 21: I have by now recognised that the package sits is on]

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The package are available on Search there.

Here the link Overview - rpms/gnucash -

Make sure you’re already login, then fork and then edit it.



thanks a lot,

well, several times I got, even though I was always logged in, this feedback:

But suddenly, after several attempts, I got a fork…
I have no idea what happened in between.

Still, when I visit

I still get the Fatal Error.

And on ingli - overview - I have now two forks listed, neither of which I can access.

When I am logged in, I get the Fatal Error for Tree - rpms/gwenhywfar -

But when I am logged out, I can see the file.

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You may want to file a ticket with infrastructure

I was able to fork it. Maybe something with your account or something happened during the initial fork.

Thanks for contributing!


Thank you, filed a ticket at

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If this is a Fedora package, it’ll be on, which is different from