Trying to contributing to QuickDoc

I am trying to contributing to QuickDocs.

I started fresh - using a new Fedora Account.

Then I goto:


Then click on “Edit this page”

  1. After logon to, I got error:
Method Not Allowed

The method is not allowed for the requested URL.

2 When trying again, I got a reminder of “You had already forked this project”.

What should I do in this stage?

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What page did you try?


This one.

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That means your fork was already created. When you go to, you shouldbe able to see it. Is it in the list here, for example?

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Yes, it is there.

So I can ignore the reminder and continue.

Thank you!

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Yes, you have a fork now. You can edit the necessary pages there and then open pull requests.

Something to remember: the fork is a copy of the main repo at the point of time when you created it. So, in the future, you will need to manually keep it in sync with the main repo. (An easy way of doing this is to just delete your fork after your pull request was merged and then create a new one when required.)

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Yes, just discovered how to remove a fork.

Thank you for the reminder.