Cannot access host socket from container in host networking mode

I’ve been using Fedora Silverblue 37 and Toolbox since November and been quite happy, until today.

On my host system I have a user defined systemd service in .config/systemd/user/autossh@sshproxy.service that just runs ssh -vCN %i in Simple mode and starts a socks5 proxy on localhost:8075.

This is running and the socket can be seen with lsof -Pni :8075, and since November I’ve used it from inside toolbox.

Today suddenly I can’t see it in toolbox anymore, nor any other container running with --network host.

I tried stopping, restarting, deleting and re-creating the toolbox container. I also tried creating a regular podman fedora:37 container from their official repos and ran it in host networking mode but I can’t see the localhost:8075 socket in any of them.

I also tried sudo setenforce 0 and then toolbox enter again but I still can’t see the socket.