Can Fedora host samba shares for anonymous Windows11 clients?


I would like to use Fedora-latest to setup a samba share, for anonymous Win11 clients.

(Yes, it is not secure, but this is for my home private network, and for family members only)

Usage case1:

  • Windows notebook need to rebuild, thus need a place to back all files
  • Reinstall Windows
  • Restore files

Usage case2:

  • Allow family member to copy files from notebook to the anonymous samba share, without creating users in Fedora host corresponding to the Windows users local to the notebook .

Is that possible?

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I guess with a “Standalone Server Example 3” should be what you are looking for?

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I wouldn’t recommend doing this, even if private home network is very low risk.
My suggestion is to use the same user on your machine for all members.
My setup has a guest user without home, UID = 500 and a sharegrp to include my user and the guest. I give all of my family members the same credentials so it isn’t much of a problem.

Something like this:

# Group owner of the shared folders.
sudo groupadd sharegrp
sudo chgrp -R sharegrp path/to/directory
sudo useradd -MN guest -g sharegrp -u 500
sudo usermod -aG sharegrp `$whoami`
sudo smbpasswd -a guest