Call for nominations: CommOps team lead

Hi everyone, I opened a call for nominations to replace me as the Fedora CommOps team lead. See the full details and cast a nomination in fedora-commops#200.

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Call for new CommOps team lead - fedora-commops Issue #200

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Well @jwf , you leave some really big shoes to fill. I think commops is critical to the Fedora community and is a big reason I did what I could to help (when I was under-employed). Rather than have this thread become a list of how much we will miss you (maybe that should be its own topic), I propose that all comments include at least one actionable suggestion that will help incoming leaders.

Leadership is hard, it could happen to any of us

If I were in a position to take the role, it would reassure me to know that there are people I can approach for help and guidance. Please consider sending a message to each nominee, letting them know that you’re in the community and that they can look forward to your continued participation.

The sidelines are full of spectators, invite them in

There are lots of students of Art, Music, Engineering, etc who are looking for a way to build a portfolio. Let’s encourage community members with academic ties to coordinate with professors and counselors to get students to participate, in exchange for a public recognition of their contribution. If I were teaching a comp sci class, I would find a way to make my assignments include open-source contributions, etc. If I were teaching media arts, I would give credit to students to produce a podcast, create special effects, translate voice overs, etc.

Peace out.

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Thanks for your hard work here and elsewhere in Fedora, @jwf. (And in particular, thank you for making a planned exit and not just getting burnt out and fading away silently)

I like that you asked if the team purpose is still accurate. Now is a good time to gice structural questions serious thought. For example, I’d argue the election section doesn’t match reality (and isn’t particularly necessary), but I would like to see more emphasis placed on maintaining internal documentation for contributors. Now’s the chance to look back at the last year and ask “what have we done? Should we stop doing something? Should we start doing something? Should we do something differently?” You get the point.

Another dimension to consider (and to be very clear, I am not advocating for a particular decision here, only that the decision is made with intention): should CommOps continue to exist as a separate team, or should it be a focus area of another larger team? I have some arguments for both, but I don’t want to put my thumbs on the scale yet.