Building RHEL and RHEL-UBI images with mkosi

Article Summary:
Mkosi is a lightweight tool to build highly-customized disk images for various distributions using distribution packages as the base. We recently added support for using RHEL UBI and full RHEL as the source of packages. For RHEL, it is necessary to get an entitlement, so we’ll show how this can be done easily using the developer subscription. With mkosi it is very easy to build an image that can function as a container or a VM or be installed on real hardware, and this can be used for testing software against RHEL or to build and deploy RHEL-based images.

Article Description:
General plan:

  1. introduction to mkosi
  2. basic ideas behind mkosi and how it differs from other builders (kiwi, osbuild): declarative config, use repart files to define partitioning, use native package management for each distro, systemd tools to configure the image, unprivileged operation
  3. injecting own content into an image
  4. building images with RHEL UBI
  5. booting the resulting image as a container and a VM
  6. getting a RHEL developer license
  7. building images with RHEL
  8. summary
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