Building a Custom Kernel, make menuconfig

Hi !

I have never yet compiled a new kernel in Fedora, but now I need to customize my kernel.

I read the guide. Of the various variants described here, I tried the first, as probably the most common.

After cloning of the kernel git repository

fedpkg clone -a kernel
git switch -c origin/f39

the guide proposed to make the necessary changes, and then compile the kernel and assemble packages:

  1. Make whatever changes or customizations you need.

In the cloned directory, I found many different configuration files, similar to .config.

At the same time, I unfortunately did not find the source code of the kernel, and the ability to reconfigure the kernel by running, for example, make menuconfig (not a single Makefile).

Is this method designed to configure the kernel and build it from sources?

If yes, how I can make changes to the kernel configuration here, and then compile it?

Thanks !