Bug about getting stuck at suspend in kernel 5.16.20

When kernel is 5.16.18 or lower, suspend works fine on my TONGFANG laptop. TONGFANG is bad at making bios. However, I try and it works fine.
However, after I update to kernel 5.16.20, suspend does not work any work. The computer will get stuck and not possible to resume, always.
I use Silverblue so I can just rollback.

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The kernel.org page says this version is EOL (End Of Live)
You might just wait till stable: **5.17.x** comes up.

stable: **5.16.20 [EOL]** 2022-04-13

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Can you please take a look at your journal logs to see what it says (if anything?) when it tries to resume?

Can you also please share the output of fpaste --sysinfo --printonly so that folks here have some more information on your system specs?

Well, it seems that even the suspend itself is broken, I do not see any sign of resume. I try to see journal but sadly I cannot understand it. It seems that, because I have to halt and boot computer again, journalctl -b will show journal of this boot rather than the resume right? Then I have to say I have no idea to understand results of journalctl for it is too much long. I try to search for resume but only resume from hibernate but not suspend here. Could you please give me some help about journal?

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But please check first, even if Tongfang is bad in making bios, if there is released a new one lately and if yours is up to date.

And then as @ankursinha asked please do:

Please do not forget to paste it as </> Preformated Text (see icon in menu-bar).

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You can list previous boots using journalctl --list-boots, and then use journalctl -b <boot number> to get the logs for the particular boot.

Logs near the end should be relevant, because it should keep logging until either suspend fails or you cold boot. If you’re unsure, you can always paste the last 100 lines or so and we can take a look.

I managed to find out the journal as well as fpaste. Here too long to copy. I upload them to github. See
Major difference is that, under kernel 5.16.18 which works. The journal of suspend end with fedora kernel: Filesystems sync: 0.031 seconds. However, under 5.16.20 which does not work. It ends up without this line.
Under 5.16.18, system begins to resume if I touch the keyboard or the power button, which I put journal on github too. But under 5.16.20, system does not resume at all.
Two things difference:
a. Light of power button under 5.16.20 is flashing rather than turning off. The later is the case under 5.16.18.
b. I find that though CAPS LOCK lights does not work after suspend under 5.16.20, I can actually turn on backlight of keyboad by Fn+F7 which is the functional key of this laptop. It seems that the keyboard is not turned out totally.
BTW, two things else,

  1. hibernate under both two kernel works fine.
  2. TONGFANG’s BIOS is really bugful. Today I find my wireless not work in both LINUX and WINDOWS. Changing anything in BIOS not works, but loading back to default settings works, which means that this BIOS not only bugful but also hides many options that not shown to us.

Could you give me some points?

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  1. use grubby to change the default boot kernel to 5.16.18 till next kernel will be 5.17 released.

  2. Bad bios is not a Linux problem nor a Fedora one. Look for a decent linux-distro who works with your Hardware (probably with an LTS Kernel see kernel-org)

You can give Fedora 36 a try, beta is already out with 5.17 (check live ISO). If you have the same problems you probably are better with hardware who is compatible with Linux.

I know bad BIOS is not a Fedora’s fault, but things all fine before 5.16.20. I once try Fedora 36 and it works. However at that time, Fedora 35 also works. I can wait for 5.17 kernel for a try again. I guess it is coming in a week.

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I try to read journal to tell why 5.16.20 causes suspend error on my laptop. I find two difference. First one is not major, on 5.16.20 there are something like org.kde.plasma.pulseaudio: No object for name "alsa_input.pci-0000_06_00.6.analog-stereo".The second one is major that I find under 5.16.18 the jounral ends with Filesystems sync: 0.031 seconds while on 5.16.20 this line simply disappears.

Then the major difference is that, under 5.16.20, keyboard not closed totally, and Filesystems sync: 0.031 seconds not appears.

Fedora 36 is released and available.

I did not look at the schedule before this was posted so was not aware of the delay. See the next post below.


Ah, no Fedora 36 has not yet been released. The current final release target date is the 3rd of May:


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