Broken VLC & sometimes VirtualBox

Fedora recently broke VirtualBox - no surprise there. Now VLC is broken. OK. Fedora doesn’t maintain them. I get that. But where’s the communication? Apps shouldn’t break as often as they do. It just shows a complete lack of communication. And we know who has to deal with it.

Fedora can’t break either. What can occur is differences in the versions of various software required by these tools and the versions that are included in the Fedora repositories—and that may result in usability issues.

If you can please elaborate on “broke”, people here may be able to help fix/workaround issues or help identify bugs and where they should be reported. Without information and error messages, they cannot help.

Additionally, vlc seems to work fine for me here. Are you using the package provided by RPMFusion?


Forum monitoring is outside of the maintainer’s scope.
The only effective way to eventually resolve the issue is to report it properly:

This way you can demonstrate to everyone including the package maintainers that your problem is important and needs to be taken care of.


Can you share the origin?

rpm -q vlc
dnf info vlc

rpm -q VirtualBox
dnf info VirtualBox

Given the time that this was posted, I think that (at least for VirtualBox) Fedora is not to blame here.

This was when the new 5.8 kernel came. VirtualBox has a tendency to not be compatible with new moderate kernel versions. This will take some weeks, and they’ll have updated their kernel modules to work with the new release.

This affected all Linux systems with kernel version >= 5.8, so it was not specific to Fedora.

Since I don’t use VLC, I don’t know what happened there.