BootLoaderSpec by default


This feature basically makes grub.cfg static, stops using grubby to modify the grub.cfg, and instead uses drop in script files with details about a kernel+initramfs combination, and GRUB directly finds and parses the BLS formatted drop-in file to produce a GRUB menu.

It was supposed to be default for Fedora 29, but this is being pushed to Fedora 30, mainly due to a procedural glitch that results in it not having any testing in the course of normal installation and updates of Fedora 29.

Since Silverblue uses rpm-ostree which already uses BLS drop-in scripts, and doesn’t use grubby, I’m wondering if there’s a possibility this feature can still happen for Fedora 29 Silverblue independently of the release blocking deliverables? Or if in fact all the rpm-ostree consuming projects can move to this by default?

I’ve updated the FESCo issue above, inquiring when the change can happen in Rawhide. I have no idea how the activation actually happens and if in fact rpm-ostree installations can recognize that activation.


I think this is something @walters wants to do. Not sure on the timeframe, though.


I think we should try this with Fedora CoreOS first.

Long term, I’d like to be able to say Silverblue derives from CoreOS but since they have technically distinct codebases right now, and Fedora CoreOS doesn’t have any users yet, it makes sense to do there first.


FESCo likes the idea of it landing in Rawhide ASAP. So whenever the feature owners get around to it, we’ll see it there in at least the traditional outputs. I don’t know how it gets activated in Anaconda, so I’m not sure if it’s just going to suddenly impact everything or if there’s isolation.