Booting a LiveOS image fully into RAM

Hi all,

I have USB media installed with a bootable LiveOS image from an .iso file of Fedora Silverblue 35.

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I would like to append the right command line parameter so as to be able to boot the LiveOS and then remove the USB disk.

Which (or both? ) of the the following kernel command line parameters do address this use case?

  • rd.writable.fsimg=1

This parameter is presented in the dracut command line parameters man page:

Section: Booting live images
Dracut offers multiple options for live booted images:
Copy the complete image to RAM and use this for booting. This is useful when the image resides on, e.g., a DVD which needs to be ejected later on.

Enables writable filesystem support. The system will boot with a fully writable (but non-persistent) filesystem without snapshots (… ).
This implies that the whole image is copied to RAM before the boot continues.

           There must be enough free RAM available to hold the complete image. This method is very suitable for diskless boots



For now adding only this parameter seems to be enough to load to RAM.
Testing it more thoroughly is under way