Boot stuck in 'state.service' for 48 min

I use fedora on PC for two years,but now it failed to boot and stuck in “Job import-state.service/start running”.
I use fedora server 39 and manually installed gnome.I tend to keep fedora online for a week without power off .I reboot my pc weekly as usual ,as you see failed.Do I recently ‘dnf update’ update the kernel caused ? Or I power off without kill all programs manually caused ? I used to set my fedora boot with terminal ,not xorg and gnome,and then run’ init 5 ’ in terminal to start gnome perhaps have some warning about x server.
Now what should I do ? If it’s hopeless,I will remove its disk and use another Linux PC to transfer my data as the LVM is impossible read for Windows.
As my PC stuck in boot,I use my phone to edit such message,any guidance would be helpful.
Best regards.