Blurry xwayland applications using 2x scaling on fedora 39

Hello! Just rebased to silverblue 39 to do some beta testing, and am experiencing blurry xwayland apps.

The (flatpak) xwayland apps I am using are intellij and rider on a laptop using 2x scaling. On silverblue 38 this wasn’t a problem because 2x wasn’t considered fractional scaling, but now it is? The problem is probably occurring because of this change. Which is great for most people, but is there any way to go back to the old behavior for the people using 2x scaling?

Everything else is working great so far, but using a blurry IDE is really sad. Heard that they are working on native wayland support at jetbrians, but that will probably still take awhile.

Hope there is a way to restore the old behavior, does somebody know how?

Found it! Thought that fractional scaling was no longer experimental, but apparently it is still enabled by adding scale-monitor-framebuffer to org.gnome.mutter.experimental-features. So by setting it to an empty array fractional scaling will be disabled:

gsettings set org.gnome.mutter experimental-features "[]"
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I just had the same issue, and needed to disable it to get back non-blurry scaled xwayland windows. What I do find weird is that this setting is now the default. I’ll report a bug about that.

The change was intentional, but I don’t think everyone involved understood that it would result in the fuzziness issue suddenly happening even to integer scaling factors, which seems like a problem. See Issue #357: Fractional scaling - fedora-workstation - for the discussion.

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I got the same issue but with 125% scalling and vscode, firefox a way to disable this blurred is to pass full wayland of app but many app don’t support wayland well, vscode by exemple i got a so small pointer its unusable

Just to update folks, the Workstation WG has decided to defer this to at least F40, the change will be reverted for F39. See here.

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