Bluetooth on Raspberry Pi 3

Is there any way to get bluetooth working on a Raspberry Pi 3 running Fedora?

IT’s probably best to ask on the arm mailing list, Peter Robinson is listening there and very active. Maybe, Bluetooth is not supported on Pi3 because of lack of Open Source driver.

Wasn’t it you who asked ob the server list, but deleted the entry?

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I asked over at at first but then found and concluded my first post was in the wrong place.

Thanks, so it is the same issue and not a second one.

Well, it’s not necessarily the wrong place. I read it, but I couldn’t respond until just now. Members of the server working group also have an eye on the server group on discussion.fp.o, as well as the server group here. But the main discussion is on the server mailing list (“old school” so to speak).

BTW, we (the server working group) are looking at how and to what extent to make sense of SBCs with Fedora Server, see below. It would be nice to know what you are planning to do, what is needed for this and what can be improved in Fedora Server in general.

[1] Fedora Server on Single Board Computers - Raspberry Pi & Co. :: Fedora Docs
[2 ]ARM Single Board Computer (SBC) Installation :: Fedora Docs
[3 ] (unfortunately, still quite empty, but we are working on it)

Thank you for the links. I have a Raspberry Pi 3 with Fedora 37 Server where I run Home Assistant and I wanted to connect Bluetooth devices but then noticed Bluetooth isn’t working. From your links I found this page where it says that Bluetooth should work out of the box but unfortunately it doesn’t for me. :confused: