Bluetooth connection semi-crashes, Fedora 35

I have a older bluetooth headset that successfully connects to my Dell laptop running Fedora 35. The headset works after a while but about 15 min after connection the audio from the headset turns into bursts of white noise. Bluetoothd does not die in this situation, and restarting bluetooth from the control panel or restarting bluetoothd and reconnecting fixes this for the next approx. 15 min period.

The audio quality is also quite “scratchy”. There have also been some issues with the Atheros AR9462 driver lately, the scratchiness could be problems with that driver trying to share 2.4GHz with BT. (I can’t tell if my Wifi is connected at 2.4 or 5.)

How can I find out the chipset on the headset, properties of the BT connection, etc? Output from “journalctl -r -u bluetooth” shows nothing interesting, just “Endpoint registered” messages. A pointer at some guide about debugging BT audio quality would be of most help, since I don’t have enough details to open a decent bug report, and if the problem is with the headset there’s no point to debugging further.