Bluetooth audio muted every boot/restart

any news/workarounds or fixes on Blueooth audio connections? Running F38 workstation and connected audio VIA BT to Logitech Logi Z407 and each boot codec is like it should “High Fideliy Playback (A2DP sink, codec SBC” but no sound untill i change he codec to “High Fidelity Playback (A2DP sink, Codec SBC-QC )” and after that need to switch back again to “High Fideliy Playback (A2DP sink, codec SBC” to ge sounds like should not muted


now it keeps correct sound codecs not muted, but wont connect on BT Logi z407 on start. autoconnect wont work manually on settins tab connect and all good. this is improvments on this issue already