Bluemail problem

Can anyone help me with this issue?

Try updating with sudo dnf update


How did you install this package? I’ve only found an rpm from BlueMail’s website, which can be installed once, but will not get updates through dnf (and Software)

Yes, I installed it via Bluemail’s website.

Please post the output of dnf list installed Bluemail so we can see what version is installed and where it was installed from.

As stated above I only find an rpm at and as such it seems to not be part of the distro or supported. When it fails like this then the simplest way to get past the error seen in your screenshot would be to use --exclude=BlueMail with your update command so it does not try to do an update.

As an unsigned package you could also do any updates that are available for that package with the --nogpgcheck option

This should do the trick sudo dnf update BlueMail --downloadonly --nogpgcheck. It will download BlueMail’s update without checking the GPG signature (as they probably didn’t signed their package, which is a security concern, but whatever). Then you should be able to proceed with updating from Software.

That seemed to work, thank you!!

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Actually, it didn’t update the app.

It downloaded the update but hasn’t yet applied it. You should press “Restart” in GNOME’s top-right power menu, and it will prompt you to install prepared updates while rebooting. Or, to apply your other updates, go to the Software app and update from there as usual.

Something isn’t working. How can I completely remove Bluemail? It doesn’t show up in the Software app under installed. Sudo rpm -e bluemail returns “error: package bluemail is not installed”. Sudo dnf remove bluemail returns “No packages marked for removal”.

It’s sudo dnf remove BlueMail (notice capital letters)

Thank you!


Please post everything as text using the </> tags from the toolbar above.
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I was able to install the latest version from the snapcraft store. It seems to work now.

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OK, I will. I just installed Fedora 36 today and am new to this.