I can’t update my toolbox on Silverblue

Hello everyone

I am running Fedora Silverblue 36. I have a Fedora 36 toolbox for installing things that are not available as flatpak nor have any need to be layered.

When ever I try to dnf update the toolbox, all packages fail. It says that the GPG keys listed for Rawhide repo are already installed but are not correct for this package. I also see that dnf is attempting to update packages to fc37 or fc38 versions. I do not recall asking dnf to use the Rawhide repo so I suspect this is causing the GPG problems.

Would you please advise me how to fix this without bypassing the Gpg verification.

Does the following topic help?

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I followed those steps, but I can’t tell if the components are actually updated or not. And I still can’t install the packages I need because the GPG errors are still there.

can you please show us the exact output of

LANG=C sudo dnf update --refresh --assumeno

Here you go