Blog posts / documentation for running Fedora Atomic Host on Windows 10 Pro Hyper-V?


Are there any blog posts or other documentation about running Fedora Atomic Host on Windows 10 Pro Hyper-V? I know how to create a VM and install via the ISO, but I am hoping there are people who have blazed the trail in a little more detail, with maybe some “best practices”.

The end goal here is a replacement of Docker for Windows at the command-line level. I don’t need a fancy GUI but I want something I can install via a PowerShell script and talk to from the host securely in a command window.


It’s no different from any other VM, so you’d do it however you normally do
VMs. That said, you may wish to use a Fedora or other GNU/Linux system instead
of Windows for your own system, it’ll make things much easier.


The end goal is a Windows 10 Pro host, not a GNU/Linux host. Yes, it’s easier to host containers on a Linux system but the actual requirement is to use a Windows 10 Pro host via a Hyper-V guest VM. VirtualBox is a non-starter, as is a whole Linux VM and desktop.


If you don’t plan to run a GNU/Linux VM, you can’t run Atomic Host. You’d
specifically have to be running… A Fedora Atomic Host VM.


Right … but not a full desktop like Silverblue.


I haven’t done that myself. I have run Atomic Host via Vagrant/Virtualbox before, but not hyper-v.


The only thing I found in Google was for RHEL Atomic Host - they provide a RHEL Atomic Host disk image for Hyper-V and installation / configuration are covered in the manual.

I’ve installed Fedora Atomic Host and Silverblue manually from the ISO image in Hyper-V. Both work as expected. So I might as well write a blog post myself and see who reads it. :wink: When I do, it will show up here. I’m guessing mid-December.


Welcome to 2019, December has ended… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah, I should post that - the project I’d have used it for is still active and I’m testing with Silverblue, so I should break it out. I need a more recent version of Docker than what’s one Silverblue, though. IIRC Arch has 18.09, which is working.