Blender 2.81 not compiled with Open Image Denoise

Hi, recently i’ve found out that blender 2.81 integrate the Open Image Denoise algorithm from intel, that is an amazing denoiser!
The problem is that the rpm that we can install from the fedora repositories (i’m using Fedora 31 by the way) is compiled without this feature.
So the point is: it is possible to ask to the rpm manteiner to recompile with the Open Image Denoise enabled? If so how? I’ve read from the internet that is only a CMake option that need to be enabled.
The current version in the repo is the same that we can download from the blender site that is the 2.81.16 version and obviously in the downloaded version the OID is enabled and is functioning.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Maybe integration is already ON? Please, try:

dnf install oidn
And test it again.

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Stefan Werner (swerner) added a comment. [Mar 7 2019, 4:08 PM]
“FYI, I’m waiting for Intel to release the next version of OIDN that can build as a static library.”

If OIDN can be a dynamic library… Then:
Blender can be compiled with the OIDN integration.
Yet Blender can successfully execute anyway, even if there is no OIDN library present.

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Hi, thank you for the reply. I’ve tried to install it, rebooted and reopened blender but it does the same thing. As you can see in the screenshoot the error on the node is: " Disabled, built without OpenImageDenoise"


Do your planning to make a feature request to Fedora’s maintainers?


I’d like to, but I’m new for this kind of thing so I don’t know how to do it.
After work I’m gonna search the proper way to make a feature request.
Thank you so much for the help by the way.

P.s: if you have some link for a guide to make a feature request, I appreciate. If not I will search through the fedora documentation.

Thank you again.


Hello @simobonfo, welcome to Fedora! Please take a minute to go through the introductory posts in the #start-here category if you’ve not had a chance to do so yet.

To answer your question, this quick doc shows how you can file a bug/feature request with the Fedora maintainers. You can log in to using your Fedora account:


Thank you for the useful links!, I’ve already read most of the #start-here, but not all :slight_smile:.
For now i filed the issue to bugzilla, if anyone else is interested this is the link:

Thank you all for the response!


Hi all, this is a followup.
The mantainer relplay to me that indeed it was accidentally built with the wrong flag and he will add the OIDN support in the next update :slight_smile:

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