Best way to install minecraft on fedora?

what is the best way to install minecraft on fedora?

You can download the jar file from Mojang, install java on Fedora, then write a small script or Desktop file to make launching it easier.


You can simply install the unofficial launcher via Flatpack which simplifies it for you:

flatpak install com.mojang.Minecraft

is there an official method?

O the website I wasn’t able to find the jar file, where I can find it?

Flatpak is sort of official WRT it’s use by Fedora. It comes already installed so you would just do the command that @alys listed above and voila, minecraft.

There’s no official installer from Mojang / Microsoft. You have to log into your account on the MineCraft website and go to your downloads and there’s a Linux download. That’s the jar file.

You can download the launcher here if you select “other”. Extract it to your desktop or wherever.
Or use the flatpak which will setup shortcuts etc automatically.

If I device to use the archive, how can I add it to the gnome app tray?

You’ll have to install an extension for that sadly. Might just be better to use the flatpak to be honest.