Best way to create a login/rgister web page with httpd

hello all.
im creating a webpage to run on Fedora 31 Server and i want to be able to register and login however ive found a number of ways to create login htaccess or java php …
i want to login with a page from HTML

does anyone have any pointers/guides for fedora?

This doesn’t quite sound like a Fedora specific issue. This is a web-development issue, right?

Can you please clarify? Are you asking for documentation to create a web-application?

What’s the purpose of the login page? Have u set up a web server (Apache, nginx etc). Will u b connecting via the up or domain, in which case have u configured the dns.? Before u even start coding u will need to do these first

Im not worried about the domain service
I’m using fedora as a web server I have apache set up and I was wondering how I might best provide a login and registration system for multiple users who will be uploading documents to it

The apache server is intended to be a web-server to serve web-content, right? Are you perhaps looking to set up an FTP server?

The apache server itself would not have features to allow “multiple registration” and so on. It’s only a server that implements the http protocol. You need to deploy a web-application on it that may allow all of this. Something like Owncloud:

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definitely not an FTP server.
i want to use my fedora to run a publicly available website with a domain name and a multi user registration system
its a web development related question but i want something that works best with fedora

There’s no clear answer to “what works best with Fedora”. There are many many web development platforms available on Fedora, from ruby to python’s flask/django to php and so on.

So, you need to see what the available packages are, and which of these best suit your needs.

I’m closing this topic now. When you’ve made a choice please open new topics with specific questions that you may run into when trying to use them.