Best CPU governer for power saving ? for auto-cpufreq.conf file in asus vivobook ryzen 5 3500u laptop

I am using fedora 34 asus vivobook x412da ryzen 5 3500u
I am using auto-cpufreq and i created config file in which on plug schedutil and for battery conservative.

can you please recommend me best governer for maximum battery life …
and for good performance
the available governer are

and the auto-cpufreq.config file has following setting

I would just use ondemand and not worry about it. For battery life, install tlp.

performance might be imperceptibly faster but worse battery life, and conservative might get a bit more battery life but feel sluggish. powersave will probably feel noticeably slower.

Details about governors:

As per @fasulia’s reply, as far as I’m aware ondemand is considered best as it allows the CPU to spin up to complete required actions faster (and then back down again). if it did not spin up to a higher frequency, it will take longer to perform the same tasks and therefore potentially use more power.

Another option to look at for saving power is to install and enable powertop to try and put as many devices into a low power state as possible.