High power consumption on a Thinkpad T480s with F34

Hi all,

I just noticed a higher power consumption with F34 workstation on a T480s. Anybody observed the same behavior? According to powertop the consumption is around 6.5W when it’s idling, and when I’m surfing the web and doing some work in VIM its approx. 7-9W. For me these seems high, if I remember correctly I got around 4-5W during idle with prior Fedora versions. Additionally, I also have to charge the battery more often, which fits to the higher power consumption. Any ideas or comments are welcome.


My only idea is that the power management utility tlp might help. However, on my HP notebook, it caused major instability (frequent system crashes).

Loot at this:

It might help.

I don’t have experience with the thinkpad, but in general battery life is mostly related to cpu speed on laptops. Many, mine included, limit cpu freq (speed) when on battery. That usually however can be controlled from within bios to set the power profiles. Mine has power save, standard, and performance profiles and with the performance active it allows the cpu much higher speed and much less battery life.

Try checking what your settings are.

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