Hierarchical note taking application. This is a stop-gap since cherrytree was removed from F31 but is a python2 application that upstream is rewriting in C++.

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cherrytree is not available for Fedora 32 and beyond. cherrytree-future (the C++ rewrite), is available on all active Fedora releases. See my blog post for more information.

I’m dropping Fedora 31 from future builds of cherrytree-future. It now has a dependency on a newer glibmm than Fedora 31 provides. Fedora 31 users can continue to use the last successful cherrytree-future build or keep using the Python2 cherrytree package.

Now that s390x is available in Copr, I have added builds of cherrytree (for F31) and cherrytree-future (for F32, rawhide) on s390x.