How to use create a union (mergerfs) file system on fedora atomic?

I tried installing mergerfs with rpm-ostree install mergerfs without success. Packages not found: mergerfs

How do I add the package to the system? I’m on fedora atomic GNOME (silverblue). The same question arises for all other atomic variants.

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there is no package called mergerfs in Fedora 39, so that makes sense that it can’t find it.

There is one called unionfs but I don’t know if that will do what you want.

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I hope I can use copr on silverblue. I’ll test if that works errornointernet/mergerfs Copr

you have to add mergerfs via copr

you can add it via

sudo curl --output-dir "/etc/yum.repos.d/" --remote-name
sudo rpm-ostree refresh-md --force

thx to hricky

Checkout GitHub - trytomakeyouprivate/COPR-command: A small script reenabling the "COPR" command on Fedora distros not including it

I found that command in some deleted comment in some thread.

It replicates the copr functionality close to 1:1 but is a standalone implementation, doesnt use root for network processes and uses polkit to write the file to the repo directory.