So, bcachefs is merged into the 6.7 kernel now. It’s marked as “experimental”, and obviously it’s not a great idea to start using it immediately for any irreplaceable data.

However, I’m curious as to what the guidelines are for when it might be considered ready, to be an official option in the Fedora installer? Not a default obviously, just an option. Let’s say in 8-or-so months the experimental tag is gone, and it has proven itself reasonably problem-free in practice. Would it be considered for Fedora 41, or would the project be a bit more conservative?

This is all theoretical, obviously. In practice “time will tell” how smoothly things go. It’s a fancy new filesystem and there will likely be some issues no matter how promising it is.

Generally, things like this need an advocate, and someone committed to supporting it in all of our use cases. And I guess that’s especially true with filesystems. We don’t want to lead people into traps or significantly expand our test matrixes…