AWS EC2 instance boot failure - Fedora Cloud Base 37

I’m experiencing boot failure for Fedora 37 randomly at AWS EC2. I have opened an AWS support case but they believe the Fedora cloud base AMI has a problem. they could be able to duplicate the issue at their side. We could find out this issue happens on AWS Nitro hypervisor types (impacts many types) like c5n.2xlarge. if you want to reproduce it, you can try the below AMI and reboot the instance sequentially through SSH. you should see the boot failure after 2-5 times.
ami-018f0c54f26a110d8 Fedora-Cloud-Base-37-1.4.x86_64-hvm-us-west-2-gp2-0
For your information I couldn’t grab anything related to boot failure through EC2 serial console because when I try serial console, issue doesn’t happen anymore. I could not see any usable log at instance “get system log” too.
Any thoughts?