Fedora 33 Cloud Base AWS EC2: can't login


I’m attempting to bring up a Fedora 33 Cloud Base image in AWS EC2. I can’t login.

I suspect that the problem is that OpenSSH won’t accept my RSA key. But AWS EC2 only lets you make/inject RSA keys, so there’s no way to get an ed25519 key to cloud-init through the AWS GUI.

I’m guessing this is a known issue? Or I’m just clueless? (I had a similar problem in my lab, where I just copied an authorized_keys from a f32 mock build box to a new f33 one, and it didn’t allow a key login, not realizing that the old authorized_keys file only had old RSA keys in it, not a newer ed25519 one.)

Any suggestions for using f33 on EC2?

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I’m not sure about AWS, but Fedora 33 seems to be officially supported by Linode and DigitalOcean.

The image is there on EC2, linked to from the Fedora Cloud page. The problem is, AWS’s “inject an ssh key to cloud-init” functionality won’t let you put in an ed25519 key, only an RSA one (which admittedly is AWS’s problem, one people have asked to be fixed for years). Since Fedora 33 doesn’t seem to allow RSA SSH keys any more, I was curious how this would work. It doesn’t seem to, which makes me wonder how people are actually using F33 in EC2. Probably means they aren’t. Or, they’re getting a key onto the box some other way.


If they provide recovery mode, then you can use it to set up your key.
Or if they allow to upload custom images, then you can modify the image injecting your own key before deploying it to AWS.

Hi Kevin, did you have any luck with this? I’m attempting to do the same thing by way of setting up LEMP (not LAMP) and it’s sending me to the test page that says I need to edit the .conf page or soemthing?