Automatic timezone setting wont work

when enabled automatic timezone it goes enabled, but time is still as installed timezone and checking settings again it is set disabled each time.

is this some bug on fedora or is it some weird glitch using VPN

there might be some issues on more than it appears since using VPN quick connect feature that should take closest and fastest server it always connects to country/region you setup your timezone when installing even i am located now over 25 000km away on that region atm

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Have a look if this topic helps you to debug your problem:

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It could be related to the VPN, if the automatic timezone is using the IP address if your system as seen from remote servers. With VPN that would be the remote end of the VPN connection. This is just a guess, though.


no two points on earth can be 25.000 km away from each other, when the earth’s circumference is only 40,075 km. The “antipodal distance” is circumference/2 = 20,037 km

When using VPN, just turn automatic location detection off. I wonder why you even ask … isn’t VPN to have a elsewhere exit node to WAN?

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Yeah nevermind…

If I get this kind of answers in bug questions so it is not even worth to start threads.