Authentication is required to update software via XRDP

Hello, I just installed Fedora 33 Silverblue. I layered in XRDP (because I have not learned to like Gnome-Remote-Desktop yet) and was able to connect right away, but the system quite often requires re-authentication because of software updates. I am not attempting to update the software when this dialog pops up:6b1e7ed31cdf6b8124f208a1f2a1b1067f646bf9.png.

Anyone else seen this? Is there a way to make it stop?

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GNOME Software > ☰ > Update Preferences:

  • Automatic Updates > Switch off
  • Automatic Update Notifications > Switch off

See also:

Set as advised, but has not corrected the problem. I will explore related settings where I can find them.

It may disappear when you install the cached updates once or flush the PackageKit cache.

The problem still exists. Here is what I set:

I also get an authentication request “to access the PC/SC daemon”. If you have anymore suggestion of how to make all these authentication requests go away, I’m open to it.


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Actually, this time it’s a different service:

Do you need that service?
If not, you can try to remove its packages.

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Mar 09 14:57:53 silverblue33 systemd[1]: Stopped PC/SC Smart Card Daemon.

Nice. Thanks!

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