Authentication is required to update metadata

when i switch users from my ‘wheel’ user to a standard user and then back to my ‘wheel’ user i get a pop up saying ‘authentication is required to update metadata’ and even when i authorize this it keeps asking. i can also cancel but this message comes up several times.

what is causing this and how do i fix it? could this be any type of security breach?

my laptop has a fingerprint scanner and i have set that up for the sudo user

It doesn’t sound like a breach. It sounds like polkit isn’t passing the right auth to PackageKit to check for software updates, in which case, this is a bug and should be reported.

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i turned off auto update for the system as well as extensions and this seems to have fixed the issue. i think the non sudo/wheel user was trying to check for updates and perhaps this should be fixed by fedora to be a default for standard users

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Hi, since this post comes up in google searches, I’m adding to it.

I have found a related bug and posted there some more info as I also have encountered the issue: 2244876 – authentication is required to update metadata

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