Audacity Issues

I am having a hard time getting Audacity to work on Silverblue (31 and 32). I’ve tried

  • Flatpak Audacity from Flathub
  • Flatpak Audacity from Fedora
  • rpm-ostree install Audacity

Fedora Audacity does not list Pulse as an available playback device. Trying to play audio results in a “Error opening sound device” message, but the program does not crash.

Flathub Audacity lists Pulse as as an available playback device but plays audio so fast it sounds like clicks. Audacity then crashes after the audio is paused or playback stops.

The only permissions difference I see is device=all for Fedora flatpak.

Layered Audacity lists pulse as an available playback device and plays audio correctly, but the position indicator does not update which make editing difficult.

Good day @tpb,

I’m on Silverblue 31 UTD, and using Audacity (2.3.3-alpha-Nov 24 2019) installed from Flathub without issues. So I presume this should be related to hardware setup.

I have an AMD box with a Radeon card, and Audio Out is driven by the Radeon Card through the DisplayPort connector.
Audacity Preferences in the Section Devices, I have the default preferences, I didn’t touch anything there:

With this setup, I can do any Audacity stuff on audio files I create under LMMS, or record directly from USB microphone, or USB instrument fx processor.
In the Playback section of that preferences, there is the Pulse option listed, though I didn’t need it, at least for now.

Trying Playback-pulse and Playback-default does not make any difference on played audio, at least on my box.

Hope this can help you. If not, let me know.

My preferences have the same settings as yours, but I’m using a pretty new MSI AMD motherboard now. I think it must be an Audacity issue rather than firmware/drivers because I’m not having any problems with MPV or Olive. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be many good free alternatives to Audacity for simple sound editing.

Good day, @tpb,

I just forgot one thing that might be of interest here:

Layered packages. Issue might be there, though not sure. I did layer those right after installing Silverblue, then installed “my software list”.
Do you have Pulse Audio Volume Control installed too? Actually, it seems that it does help identify certain issues with audio on linux, and it’s seldom installed. Some say it’s a must if you work with audio.

I’m also on MSI, though B350m, and MSI radeon GPU, and I’m experiencing some audio issues across the system, but not inside Audacity, LMMS, OBS, OpenShot. I presume they are related to Silverblue being “too fresh?”. I presume because I’m just an user, not a dev.

Hope this helps.