Atomic Desktops Manual Partitioning "Include"

The documentation for all three of Silverblue, Kinoite, and Sway Atomic have the same phrasing “With Fedora , only certain mounts can be manually specified as partitions. These include:…”

The use of the word “include” implies that this is not an exhaustive list, but I cannot find any reference to other supported mounts.

If others are supported, what are they? If no others are, then could the phrasing be changed to make that clear?

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I think the subdirectories under /var is where they do not get exhaustive with the list, and I imagine you could also make one of your own as well (e.g. /var/data, /var/backups, etc).

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The Docs need to be updated. . . Which is a recurring theme here.

Can @siosm @boredsquirrel Give me a hand here. I have mounts of my own when I do Silverblue activity, but what are the “Good practice, Supported” mount points for an OSTree install ?

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With Fedora Kinoite, only certain mounts can be manually specified as partitions. These include:

  • /boot
  • /var
  • Subdirectories under /var, including:
    • /var/home (Fedora Kinoite has a symlink from /home to /var/home)
    • /var/log
    • /var/containers
  • The root filesystem: /

I agree the first “include” is not correct.

On an installed system if you use ls / you see a lot more, but nearly all of these seemingly writable directories are links:

  • /etc
  • /tmp
  • /run

The wording here is correct and the first one can be removed. You are welcome to open a PR on the docs page.

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Mostly what’s in the docs right now.

The list is not exhaustive because anyone can mount anything inside the mount points listed. The main one is /var, where you can create any folder and mount anything you want.

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