Asus Vovibook 17 change keyboard colors

Hello people,

what is the way to change the keyboard colors ob my vivobook17 ?

Ive tried OpenRGB, but can not find the right device.
I found Elgato Keylight device, but i can not change anything, so i assume its the wrong device.

Asking the internet was not giving me the right answer.
Ive loaded the kernel modules i2c-dev and i2c-piix4 as suggested.

No success for now, so i would like to hear your opinions, how to get there … :slight_smile:

Cheers, raw^^

I still have not found a solution.
There is a way, to sniff the wireshark results for a new OpenRGB device, but i dont have the time.
Seems its stuck here, until someone with more time will hack it down^^

Cheers, raw^^

Hello @rawfox ,
You may want to make sure you have the ASUS tools/utilities for linux installed. From a dnf search, it is in the Fedora repo as you can see from the result I got with …

[jakfrost ~]$ dnf search asus
Last metadata expiration check: 17:03:55 ago on Sat 03 Feb 2024 03:17:33 PM.
================================================================================================= Name & Summary Matched: asus ==================================================================================================
asusctl.src : Control fan speeds, LEDs, graphics modes, and charge levels for ASUS notebooks
asusctl.x86_64 : Control fan speeds, LEDs, graphics modes, and charge levels for ASUS notebooks
asusctl-rog-gui.x86_64 : An experimental GUI for asusctl
python3-aioasuswrt.noarch : Python API wrapper for Asuswrt devices
tog-pegasus.x86_64 : OpenPegasus WBEM Services for Linux
tog-pegasus-devel.i686 : The OpenPegasus Software Development Kit
tog-pegasus-devel.x86_64 : The OpenPegasus Software Development Kit
tog-pegasus-libs.i686 : The OpenPegasus Libraries
tog-pegasus-libs.x86_64 : The OpenPegasus Libraries
tog-pegasus-test.x86_64 : The OpenPegasus Tests

So you can do sudo dnf install asusctl, and this should be what you need to better control your ASUS laptop,

I am not sure what repo you have enabled, but those do not show for me in the fedora repos nor the rpmfusion repos for fedora 39.

Oh yeah, sorry my bad. That can be found in the Copr repo for asus-linux owned by lukenukem >>>>>