Asahi Fedora Update stuck at 97%


I just installed Asahi on my M2 MacBook Pro. The installation went fine, but after installing, it told me that there’s an update, so I clicked on update and reboot. The update got stuck at 97%. After a few minutes, I just decided to shut down the computer and now Fedora won’t boot. I was thinking about reinstalling it, but how am I going to avoid the problem next time?

If you are comfortable with the terminal, you might try updating from there. Updates can take more than a few minutes, so do give it time. I like to use dnf5 instead of dnf as it’s more efficient:

sudo dnf install -y dnf5 dnf5-plugins
sudo dnf5 update --refresh
sudo shutdown -r now


I had the same issue. I installed Asahi on my M2 MacBook Pro twice because, during my first attempt to update the system, the progress bar got stuck at 97%. Fedora became unbootable, and I had to remove all its partitions and start the process all over again. Today, I tried updating the system again after the second installation, and it got stuck again. I got upset and started scouring the Internet for a solution. I came across this topic while my laptop was still stuck on the table. Before I completed registration on the forum, I heard the rebooting sound of my MacBook. The upgrade was successfully completed. It hung at 97% for around 5-7 minutes. So, my advice is just to wait for the completion. It may seem like it’s stuck, but in effect, it’s doing its job. I hope this is useful.


Same here — patience prevails — my m2 air was stuck at 97% for over 15 minutes, then completed the task.