Asahi-diagnose firmware warning

I was investigating a couple issues I was having with my setup (SD card and headphone jack not working), and I ran asahi-diagnose to see if there was some clues in the output, and saw the following warning:

** WARNING! **
You are using an unsupported firmware version (13.5) on this platform (t6000).
This means you explicitly chose expert mode when installing Asahi Linux,
and then explicitly selected a non-default unsupported version.
You are on your own. Please do not file bugs. We can't help you.
Reinstall without using expert mode if you want support.

I don’t recall selecting any “expert mode” when running the fedora installer, is this warning not applicable to Fedora Asahi Remix or did I somehow mess the installation process?

In case it’s not applicable, what would be the best way to report and/or investigate the issues I mentioned?


We’re in the process of rolling out a new installer which adds support for 13.5 (and makes it the default as well), but it looks like the logic in asahi-scripts still needs to be updated:

Could you please file an issue there so we don’t forget? Thanks!

As for the SD card and headphone jack issues you’re hitting, those should work and have been supported for a while now. I’d recommend making a separate post here with some details and we can try to investigate what’s going on.

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Sounds good, will file the issue for the tooling.

I’ll dig in a bit into the issues to see if I can provide anything more useful for the report besides “doesn’t work”