Artifacting with red color

I have an AOC 24G2U monitor, pictures of a video (captured with smartphone camera) containing shades of red at the end of the post. It seems that I’m using a wrong color space, but none of the profiles in Gnome settings appear to affect the issue:

other information:

  • Fedora 33, installed from scratch
  • Gnome 3.38.5 (<platform>3</platform> <minor>38</minor> <micro>5</micro>)
  • Intel integrated graphics (intel-media-driver is installed)
  • HDMI connection (the cable shipped with the monitor, I don’t have a Displayport port to test)

(ignore the purple in the images, some off-screen capture anomaly)

I switched to the “sRGB” color profile in my monitor settings (via its OSD) and at least the most notable artifacting disappeared immediately. The “user” color profile isn’t affected by the issue above either. It seems that the locked-down built-in profiles are best avoided.

for further reference: AOC 24G2U (24G2) Review |

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