[Article Proposal] Things to Do After Installing Fedora 34

I know this topic is already on the internet. But based on my experience, many friends ask this. And it feels more appropriate to provide articles that come from Fedora Magazine. Actually this is based on my personal experience. And of course based on this document too: After the Installation :: Fedora Docs .

  1. System Update
  2. Additional Repositories
  3. Fastest Mirror and DeltaRPM
  4. Installing Plugins for Movies & Audio (dnf upgrade Multimedia)
  5. Gnome Tweaks & Extentions
  6. Install Apps
  7. Recommended Apps to Use for Daily Needs (or maybe for other articles?)

Is it possible to write this on Fedora Magazine?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Can you provide a list of what you have in mind for sections 4 and 6? We aren’t supposed to promote non FOSS (e.g. software that includes proprietary codecs for playing DVDs and Bluray discs) on Fedora Magazine.

Regarding to section 4, I took from Fedora Docs. The link is Installing plugins for playing movies and music :: Fedora Docs .

Regarding to section 6, it’s just explain how to install Apps on Fedora. For example via terminal or GNOME software. Just like in this link A. Installing Software on Fedora , but with Fedora 34 adjustments.

My topic idea is to provide a simple explanation for new users, especially those who don’t know much about the system.

OK. This sounds good to me. Just be sure not to include non-FOSS software or codecs and it should be fine.


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Thanks, @glb & @rlengland :slight_smile:

I’ve just read Writing Articles :: Fedora Docs and logged in to Taiga. I can see the card. But I can’t find Assign to myself. Or should I wait for assignment?


@armanwu I’ve added you to Taiga as a writer assigned the card to you.

Thanks, @rlengland .