Article proposal: Python CI on Fedora with GitHub Actions


I’d like to write an article about using Python Tox on Fedora GitHub Action.

Brainstorming the basic structure:

  • why would you want to run a CI on your GitHub project / what it is
  • what are GitHub Actions
  • running Python tests with tox locally, on Fedora (also: links to
  • using python-tox-on-fedora GitHub action, the basics
  • installing Fedora packages on the CI for additional dependencies

The main marketing goal is to promote the idea to run CI for Python projects on GitHub on Fedora instead of Ubuntu.

Depending on how long it ends up being, I could see the first three points being one article and the last two being a second article.

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+1 here too. I made a card for this in Taiga. Miro, I’ve added you to the Taiga card here:

Happy writing and let us know if we can do anything for you!

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