Article proposal: playing with modular synth

A while ago, I wrote an article about Fedora and Music.
I would like to write another one on modular synth.
Some years ago, a new project has started: VCV Rack
This is an open source modular synth. It has a lot of open source modules (and some with closed sources too).
It’s available on Fedora 32 and 33 via my COPR repository
ycollet/linuxmao Copr
I made a short demo with guitar sound played by audacity transformed by some VCVRack modules:
Playing Guitar through Rack and cascade of delays controled by LFOs + a reverb - YouTube
I think I present this project and some basic modules + a personal demo and links to interesting tutorial.

The article I wrote about Fedora and music:

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+1 from me. Sounds like a good follow-on article to your earlier one.
Once another editor gives it a +1, they’ll create a card for it on our Kanban board.

+1. I’ve created a card on the kanban board for you.

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Thanks a lot.
I will start working on it quickly :slight_smile: