Article Proposal: Optimizing DNF for the fedora-based home lab

The article explains the benefits of the DNF local plugin for users and developers that have multiple instances of Fedora at home or in the office. The DNF local plugin transparently creates and utilizes a local repository that can reduce internet bandwidth consumption and the load on the volunteer Fedora mirror community for this class of Fedora user.

  1. Setting the stage - an enthusiast/developer working with fedora containers or virtual machines or creating a cluster of fedora machines using, for example, raspberry pi.
  2. Describe the classic solution: a caching proxy such as squid.
  3. Introduce the dnf local plugin, installation, and configuration.
  4. Use case 1: Use ansible to install the local plugin on four raspberry pi running Fedora to automate DNF updates/performance across the cluster; Include link to ansible role that supports plugin install.
  5. Use case 2: complement Dan Walsh article on RedHat Enable Sysadmin that illustrates using dnf makecache to improve container builds with a fedora container use case and the plugin.
  6. Use case 3: use the plugin with fedora virtual machines to improve dnf performance in the vm.

I can write a draft of the article if interested.

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+1 Sounds interesting and useful, Brad. Thanks.

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thank you.

Oh, great! I assigned the card to you. Happy writing!

Thank you.