Article proposal: Install and configure dnsmasq to provide DNS & DHCP services

Installation and configuration of basic dnsmasq server to provide a network with DHCP and DNS which allows local and remote lookups.

How would your article be different from this one from last year? Or would it be an update?

That’s actually a very useful article - I’m going to bookmark it and go over in more detail.

My article covers a standalone installation, aimed at home/home lab configurations or new users. It doesn’t adjust the existing settings on a machine, but is intended to be used on a VM or small PC (Raspberry Pi maybe?) in a small environment.

I use this setup in my home lab, and it replaces the dnsmasq built into libvirt as that didn’t provide an easy way to include SRV or TXT records.

+1 sounds good. I just wanted to make sure.

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Thanks. I guess it can be reviewed and rejected if it doesn’t provide anything new or updated :slight_smile:

+1 with the clarifications here. I would suggest you lean into the difference in the use case and setup in the article, as well as link back to the “normal” one for contrast.

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Thanks guys. I’ll revisit it and word it to reflect the intent, then add a link to the other article at the bottom, where I also link to the official documentation.


I’ve added this paragraph to my article:

This article covers installing and configuring dnsmasq on either a virtual machine or small physical machine like a Raspberry Pi so it can provide these services in your home network or lab. If you have an existing setup and just need to adjust the settings for your local workstation then you should have a read of this excellent article which covers configuring the dnsmasq plugin in NetworkManager:

If this clarifies things a touch and you’re happy for me to pop it up to WP for review, could someone please create a Kanban card?


Andy, I think that’s a good clarification. I’ve created a card for you:

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Excellent, thanks. I’ll get the article up for review this afternoon.

Article is written and ready for review - Kanban card moved to review column

Article was published