Article for review: Fedora IoT Docs are Live

This month I had the opportunity to focus (ie contract paid work thanks to RH) on the documentation for the Fedora IoT working group as a part of their objectives.

This is a report on that work. Peter and Bex approved the idea of this submission and are happy to review. They haven’t seen it yet.

I am little confused by the Change post status from “Draft” to “Pending review” statement in
writing-community-blog-article page.

Right now, my post still shows “draft” but it is ready for review.

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@laubersm awesome! I’ll give it a review later this afternoon or Monday. Do you have a featured image you’d like to use with it? If not, I’ll find one that seems appropriate enough to the content.

I’ll also update the instructions to be more clear. I think we just forgot to update the page after WordPress rolled out the new Gutenberg editor.

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Awesome, thanks for the write-up @laubersm! :tada:

Thanks Ben! :+1:

I’m pretty sure it’s a checkbox now. But historically, this step has always been confusing, both on the Community Blog and the Fedora Magazine during my time there. It might be better to drop this requirement on authors and use it instead as an internal categorization for editors.

@laubersm, where should feedback on the IoT docs go? As issues in the iot-docs Pagure repo? We should make “feedback welcome” be a hyperlink to the appropriate venue.

Also, does this work for you as a featured image?

I removed the ‘:’ from your headings, otherwise it looks good to me.

@bcotton, I added a couple of feedback options at the end.
The featured image is fine.
Thanks for the review.

Awesome! I’ve scheduled it to post Thursday morning.

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Curious (and feel silly asking cause it really isn’t a big deal):
does this post qualify for a fedora badge?

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@laubersm Great question and thanks for following up, because yes it does. :smile: You now have the Community Messenger I badge! Thanks again for writing. :tada: