Article: CPE Team at Flock


I have an article ready for review about events related to CPE Team at Flock 2019.

I will be glad if this could be out tomorrow, so it’s published before Flock itself.

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@zlopez Do you want to bump your “Friday with Infra” article to Thursday then? Or perhaps to the following week?

I’m in meetings most of the day today, but I’ll review this post when I get back to my hotel tonight.

@bcotton Do you think it is a good idea to postpone Friday with Infra to Thursday?

That or next Tuesday. Since you’re not starting it until after Flock, it’s probably okay to run it later.

Post reviewed with minimal edits and scheduled for Tuesday morning. I moved the “Friday w/ infra” post to Thursday for now, but we can discuss other options (including still publishing it on Tuesday)

I think Thursday will be fine.