Artcile Ready for review : News from Fedora Infrastructure

Hi all,

I just finished an Article for the comblog and it is ready for review.

Preview =

Generally, I ll try to provide a bit more insight from the Infrastructure team on a regular basis.


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Awesome. I’ll take a look this afternoon if no one beats me to it.


This would be fantastic @cverna! If you get into a regular habit of these, let us know and we can bump your privileges so these can be more self-service for you. The CommBlog editor workflow is not much different from the Magazine’s workflow.

Thanks @bcotton, that would be awesome. :+1:

Looks good to me. I made the following edits:

  • A few minor grammatical and formatting changes
  • Add a Read More divider
  • Make the URLs in the list be links
  • Change the Category to “Infrastructure”

If it looks good to you, I’ll schedule it to publish Thursday morning (we generally try to avoid publishing on M/W/F since Magazine publishes then).

Do you have a preference on one of the below as a featured image? (Or a suggestion for another to use)

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If this is a recurring column, I can make a new featured image next week if another image isn’t found first. This isn’t documented, but you can request a new featured image by filing an issue here to help me keep track of the request.

Thanks for editing it

We can go with the second image for this one, and prepare a nicer image for the future articles :slight_smile:

Great! It’s scheduled for 11 am UTC on Thursday.


Could we do a quick edit ? I have been rightly told that Openshift should be spelled OpenShift since it is the name of a Product.

If we could do a quick search and replace that would be awesome :slight_smile:


And some additional characters to make Discourse happy.


+1 very nice write-up

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